Rights watchdog welcomes latest outworking of marriage equality vote

ICCL Statement Thursday 16 July 2015

Ireland’s human rights watchdog, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL), has welcomed the passage yesterday of transgender equality legislation as the “latest outworking” of the recent marriage equality referendum vote.

Welcoming the passage of the legislation yesterday, ICCL Executive Director Mr Mark Kelly said:

“The recent landslide vote for marriage equality paved the way for critical improvements in the transgender equality law that passed all stages in the Oireachtas yesterday. It is especially significant that the historic referendum vote removed any constitutional impediment for married trans people to remain married to a person of the same gender, which will soon permit provisions on ‘forced divorce’ to be removed from the legislation before enactment.”

“This legislation puts Ireland in the small vanguard of countries that provide true equality to their transgender citizens and residents. The passage of the legislation is a testament to the years of dogged campaigning by the Trans community and its allies, and particularly to the leadership of Lydia Foy, who first laid down the challenge to the Irish State to treat its trans citizens with dignity”.

The legislation, which will be signed into law by the President shortly, contains a number of other innovative features, including permitting the recognition of a person’s gender of choice based on self-determination, making Ireland only the fourth country in the world to adopt this progressive approach.



Walter Jayawardene, ICCL Communications Manager | walter.jayawardene@iccl.ie 087 9981574


- Together with GLEN and Marriage Equality the Irish Council for Civil Liberties founded and led Yes Equality, the successful civil society campaign for a Yes vote in May’s marriage equality referendum.

- The passage of the bill can be tracked at the below link, where the final legislation will be published on enactment by the President: http://www.oireachtas.ie/viewdoc.asp?DocID=27835&&CatID=59&StartDate=01%20January%202014&OrderAscending=0

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