Know Your Rights - Criminal Justice

Know Your Rights: Criminal Justice and Garda Powers Pack- 2nd Edition

June 2014

We are delighted to launch the 2nd edition of Know-Your-Rights:Criminal Justice and Garda Powers, which was updated in June 2014 to reflect recent changes in Irish criminal law and procedure. This includes significant recent changes in the procedures around access to a lawyer during questioning.

The Know Your Rights Criminal Justice & Garda Powers pack provides the general public with information about their rights and Garda powers in the areas of searches, arrests, interviews, detention, provision / retention of bodily samples and public order.

Read or download the pack via our e-reader below:


Download the updated pack at the below link (pdf):

The Pack was featured on RTE Radio 1's Today With Pat Kenny on 24 May 2010. Please click HERE to listen to the show.


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