International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations Launch Report on Crowd Control Weapons

  • 09-03-2016
  • Categorized in: Justice

In a joint report "Lethal in Disguise: The Health Consequences of Crowd-Control Weapons", International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO) and Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) have documented the health consequences of these weapons. The report aims to raise awareness about the misuse and abuse of CCWs, the detrimental health effects that these weapons can have, and the impact of their use on the meaningful enjoyment of freedom of assembly and expression. It also seeks to foster a global debate to develop international standards and guidelines on the use of CCWs with the ultimate goal of preventing injury, disability and death by providing information on these weapons and insisting on their safe use.

In response to a rise in the number of popular protests in recent years, some police and security forces have responded in ways which fundamentally undermine the fundamental right to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. As law enforcement throughout the world is increasingly responding to popular protests with crowd-control weapons, the routine use of unwarranted, inappropriate or disproportionate uses of force can lead to an escalation in violence. There is a significant knowledge gap about the effects of these weapons and an absence of meaningful international standards around their use.

The International Network of Civil Liberties Organisations and Physicians for Human Rights partners to document the health consequences of CCW’s and examine their roles and limitations in protest consequence and make recommendations. 

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